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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Record increase in Pakistani exports last month

January 2022 proved to be a lucky year for Pakistani exports as Pakistani exports increased to a record level this month. Details of Pakistani exports to various countries were released according to which Pakistani exports to Malaysia increased by 124% in January. Exports to Malaysia reached 70 47 million in January 2022, compared to Pakistan’s record 21 million in January last year. According to the document, Pakistan’s exports to Italy increased by 93% in January 2022, while Pakistan’s exports to Italy were recorded at  61 million in January last year. In January this year, Pakistan’s exports to Italy reached  118 million. And Pakistan’s exports to Turkey have increased by 89%. The document states that Pakistan’s exports to Turkey were 80 18 million in January last year, while in January 2022, Pakistan’s exports to Turkey reached 40 34 million.

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