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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Purchase of LNG cargo is exempted from PAPRA rules

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority has declared the purchase of LNG cargoes as exempt from PAPRA rules. According to local media reports, a meeting of the board of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority was held on January 24 which was chaired by Hamid Yaqub Sheikh. In order to import LNG, barriers to implementation of PPR rules have been considered. Hanan Ikram, a private member of the board, said that only a few sugar companies sell LNG in the global market. That the decision regarding procurement of LNG has to be taken in a few minutes or hours as foreign companies do not wait for our tenders to be issued and implementation of rules. On this occasion Secretary Petroleum Division also supported Hanan Ikram’s position. During the meeting, the Secretary Water Resources said that this problem is facing not only the energy and food sectors but also other economic sectors, so the government should move towards a fundamental solution to this problem.

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