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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

According to reports, Prince Harry has been warned not to ‘discredit’ Camilla.

Prince Harry has issued a caution against disclosing any secrets about Camilla because doing so could harm her image as the future Queen Consort.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, a royal specialist and journalist, has given this warning.

The message was delivered during one of Sacerdoti’s Express UK interviews.

“It might hurt her reputation, depending on what he says,” he admitted, “if there are things in there that people don’t like about how she’s behaved or dealt with the family, I’m not sure whether that’s the case.”

“However, I believe it may have the reverse impact, in that Harry and Meghan are becoming increasingly unpopular in the United Kingdom as a result of their actions and remarks.”

“I believe Harry’s exposing negative views and sentiments about Camilla will assist the British public accept and appreciate her, because their public approval is dwindling while hers is rising.”

“So, for them to discredit her in some manner may have a negative effect on their aims and a favourable effect on her among the British population,” he added before concluding.

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