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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A military acquaintance of Prince Andrew reports the Duke of York is ‘down.’

Prince Andrew’s former military friend has spoken out about the Duke of York’s current situation, adding, “He is down, he is broken.”

According to a media publication, the Duke of York has been dealing with the public humiliation of the £12 million sex lawsuit settlement.

‘He is down, he is broken,’ said the insider, who served alongside Prince Andrew during the Falklands War. Let him dress up in a naval uniform once in a while if he wants to.

‘His public life is ended, and his reputation is in shambles.’ He’s an outright embarrassment.’

The Queen revoked her son’s remaining military ties and patronages, as well as his right to use the title of His Royal Highness in any official capacity. However, in an effort to cheer him up, Prince Andrew was apparently permitted to preserve his rank of Vice Admiral, according to the publication, which cited a source.

The Vice Admiral rank is Prince Andrew’s only armed forces honorary title, and it is the equal of an Army Lieutenant General, according to a source, and is “essentially the same as an honorary degree” for service in the Royal Navy during the Falklands War.

When they knew Andrew, the source said he was “really not a bad person,” but that he had “a few entitlement issues.”
‘He hasn’t been convicted of anything,’ they continued. I don’t know whether he’s guilty or innocent, but I believe he’s paid a high price.’
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