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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Duchess of Cambridge’s solo trip to Copenhagen was a ‘test case’ for her.

Dan Wootton, a royal specialist, has commented on Kate Middleton’s first solo journey in five years to Copenhagen.

The Royal Family has provided followers a mesmerising insight into their future strategy for securing the monarchy, according to the expert.

The trip was a test case for how Kate’s celebrity power will be leveraged over the coming decade, the expert wrote for the Daily Mail. He also revealed that William has encouraged his wife to make more solo appearances in the Diana style.

According to him, the royal courtiers saw Kate’s solo visit as a remarkable achievement in what is swiftly becoming the British monarchy’s second annus horribilis.

“In fact, people on tour with Kate thought she performed even better on tour, including an unexpected scene where she gleefully climbed down a children’s slide,” he said.

“With her three children growing up and a glaring shortage of senior royals to deploy, Kate, who recently turned 40, has accepted she will start making semi-regular appearances at home and abroad without William by her side,” Dan said, revealing details of a new strategy that will see Kate become the most publicly prominent female in the Royal Family.

‘What will happen is that when the pair goes on travels overseas, it will be more like what Charles and Diana did, where they individually branch out and undertake more engagements on their own,’ the analyst stated, citing his royal source. They’ll travel to the same country, but she’ll take her own path while he takes his.’

“Courtiers acknowledge this could put some burden on William, just as it did his father Charles, as the cameras inevitably gravitate towards his more famous wife,” he wrote for the Daily Mail. William, on the other hand, is significantly more confident than his father was in the 1980s.

‘That can have its complications, because the Press will only be following her jobs,’ the insider said. That’s exactly what happened to Charles and Diana.’

‘She’s very bashful,’ the expert stated, citing another royal source. ‘She’s so much better at speaking now,’ the insider added. She’s great with kids and comes across as extremely natural because she has three of her own.’

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